Tippmann Pro Carbine

The Tippman Pro Carbine is one of the oldest and most reliable paintball markers on the market. It is a terrific first paintball gun and a terrific secondary gun. The CXV valve included with the Pro Carbine makes it possible to take the marker into any weather conditions without losing performance while the stainless steel gas line makes it possible to use either HPA or CO2. Included with the Pro Carbine is a 10.5 inch ported barrel and a rear sight fitted with a quick release for the fastest of changes in the field.

The Tippmann Pro Carbine is an extremely solidly built marker and has long been the marker of choice for most paintball fields as rentals because of how stable and well built they are. While it is not the most accurate or efficient paintball gun on the market, there is probably no marker around that is more solidly built or consistent in the field. With an upgrade to the barrel and a little bit of adjustment to the bottom line and the bolt, this can be an incredibly reliable option for nearly any situation. As an added plus, you can find parts just about anywhere because of how often this marker is used. It is also very simple, like most Tippmann guns, to break the gun down and clean or repair it in field.

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